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 Day 24: Do you like Old Snake? Explain.

Well, I think so. I felt pity for him aging that fast, and seeing how he's aging faster then the people that live with him and also how he'll die a lot before form them. Makes me sad.

Day 25: Did MGS4 made you cry?/Do you cry about how you need to play MGS4?

The ending made me drop a single tear for Big Boss' death (DURR).

Day 26: Is Peace Walker amazing or do you not have it? Eihter way, is it awesome to you?

Peace Walker is soooo AMAZING! 'Cos I can shoot some dudes with tranquilizer rounds, send'em to Mother Base and shoot some other dudes and get helicopters/armored vehicles/ tanks to build my own army! Alsso, I can build my OWN AI WEAPON, which is a psycho killer giant robot that shoots lazarhs and rockets, AAAW YEAAAAH!