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I'm so very happy

This week was very cool and stuff, because my friends and I waited for Videogames Live, and funny/stupid things happenned. Here we go:

-You know, there are some people older than us that are veeery slow with computer subjects. I was at my school's library surfing in the web (AKA: trying to hack in the system and trying to access Livejournal from there). A girl at my side turned my computer off, trying to turn on hers.

- Today I'm going to Videogames Live, FUCK YEAH
- This month is a mess and I'm in a rush. I won'1t be able to finish the goddanm 2nd chapter till mid-November. Yes, this is an apologize. I'm sorry guys
- OMG, I'm screwed
- One more prolongued Holyday, FUCK YEAH
-  Jimi Hendrix is THE BEST GUITARRIST EVAH (Search for Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze on youtube)
- Mommie is sick
- My youngest brother WAS sick
- My father WAS sick
- I maybe next, but I know I may not, because I'm very resistant against sickness, FUCK YEAH.


I finnally managed to (succesfully) switch to contact lens, woo! The ones I'm wearing are only tests, wich means I can see things better when they are far from me but I can barely see what is in my front.
You don't know how good it is to see without my glasses. I was like, OMG, I'm seeing the trees of the grove in front of my apartment! Life is wonderful, my friends!